EU-India research and innovation partnership on vaccine development for hookworm and other neglected tropical diseases

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Delegation of European Union to India and EuropeAid have awarded partners in the HOOKVAC consortium a grant to develop a EU-India research and innovation partnership. The following objectives are part of the grant:

  1. To establish an EU-India academic, cluster partnership to facilitate a long-term manufacturing partnership for the human hookworm vaccine and other NTD vaccines.
  2. To transfer technology from European manufacturers to Indian manufacturers for NTD vaccines
  3. To improve manufacturing methods to create efficiency and economy of scale
  4. To establish a creative environment environment for joined development of new innovative and low cost vaccines for NTDs and other poverty related diseases.
  5. To set-up individual mobility schemes for researchers and innovators from the HOOKVAC consortium (EU/US/ based institutes) working in research and innovation to move from the Europe cluster to India. The individual mobility schemes will be an integral component of the cluster-to-cluster partnerships.
  6. To support and encourage visibility, mutual understanding and awareness for low-cost vaccine development for neglected tropical diseases via meetings and workshops.

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